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  • 10 Ways to Live an Intentional Life July 1, 2020
    They say “what you don’t know can’t hurt you”, but when it comes to your mind, this statement couldn’t be further from the truth. What you don’t know about your mind, what runs it, and how it drives your life can definitely hurt you – probably more than anything else. As a therapist and former social […]
  • 10 Work from Home Desks to Boost Your Productivity July 1, 2020
    The year 2020 has officially emerged as the year for working from home. Having a personal workspace is extremely important and many professionals believe that it leads to improvement in performance. Regular tables and furniture are usually not suitable for office work because they are accessible to everyone and do not allow you to work […]
  • What Do You Do After Achieving Goal Success? July 1, 2020
    After achieving goal success, you will feel like you are on cloud nine. You have overcome a challenge in your life and as a result, built a habit that’ll bring you to new heights in your life. It’s a wonderful feeling but eventually, that dopamine-high from the success fades away. And like so many other […]
  • How to Set OKRs to Keep Your Goals on Track June 30, 2020
    Goals typically fail for several reasons, the main one being they lack purpose or a tangible reason why they have been set in the first place. If you don’t honestly believe in a goal or have an emotional attachment to why it’s been created, you’ll either lose interest or only do the minimum to deliver […]
  • How to Organize Tasks With A Weekly To-Do List June 30, 2020
    It takes commitment to remain focused and make your week productive. A research conducted by the University of California revealed that you need 30 minutes to refocus after being distracted on a task [1]. With so many distractions pulling at our attention, how can we complete our weekly to do lists? With the introduction of […]
  • What Is Unconscious Bias (And How to Reduce It for Good) June 30, 2020
    Many conversations are being held nowadays regarding unconscious bias, but what does it really mean and how can it affect your life and the people around you? With many types of biases, it can get quite confusing. In this article, we’ll touch on cognitive bias, and then zero in on unconscious bias. Both types of […]
  • 8 Best Air Purifiers for a Healthy Home June 29, 2020
    Whether you suffer from allergies, have pet friends, or live in a climate where bacteria thrive, the best air purifier will make sure that your home’s air is clean and fresh at all times. We all clean our houses regularly, but it is easy to look over the most important element in our homes, apart […]
  • 5 Things to Remember When You Don’t Believe in Yourself June 29, 2020
    When I picture life, I picture us all walking down our own winding path, pulling a wagon behind us. Each person’s wagon is filled with their self-belief and self-worth. Walking down the path of life, carrying our inner beliefs, we happily trundle along the path toward whatever our own goal is, but sometimes life isn’t […]
  • What is Cognitive Dissonance (And How to Dodge it) June 29, 2020
    You might have heard the term cognitive dissonance being thrown around in a conversation that was related to life stress and tension. Cognitive dissonance simply means that your mind is not harmonious. The term is indeed being used rather commonly and broadly these days. But its true roots lie in psychology. Being confused with opposing […]
  • The Lifehack Show: Standing Out in Today’s Job Market with Dr. Julia Ivy June 26, 2020
    In this episode of The Lifehack Show, we talk with Dr. Julia Ivy, author of the Be-Edge Method, and strategy and international business executive professor and faculty director at Northeastern University. The job market of today can be a confusing place for those who are both looking to enter into it, or make a career […]

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